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Drink Infusion Bottles

All natural sugar-free THC-infused drink sweetener. Comes in three delicious flavors and potency levels.

Kushy Punch Gummies

Get the Power of the Punch!

Peppermint Blast 250mg THC Breath Spray

Peppermint flavored-infused THC breath spray. 250mg THC per 10mL bottle. 2.5mg THC per Spray. Dose = 4 sprays

Peppermint Blast 500mg CBD Breath Spray

Peppermint flavored-infused CBD breath spray. 500mg CBD per 10mL bottle. 5mg THC per Spray.

Meyer Lemon Dark Chocolate Ingots

The zesty taste of lemon and the luxurious flavor of chocolate make these distinctive cannabis delights, infused with 180mg of THC, a unique treat. Comes 5 ingots per pack.